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What do angel investors want from an inventor?

What do angel investors want from an inventor? By Brendan Nugent, Consultant, AJ Park In 2013 I took a sabbatical from my career as a patent attorney. I went looking for something worthwhile and interesting, something where I could achieve what I had watched from the sidelines for so many years. I...

AJ Park | 07/08/15


Owner Manager Programme 34 Graduates

OMP 34 GRADUATION On the 25th of July our 34th class of Owner Manager Programme graduated. Below is the group photo and their profiles.   NAME ADAM STRIDE Company Name Park Supplies Website Nature of Business Park Supplies build school playgrounds to withstand New Zealand’s harsh & unique conditions. The playgrounds are designed to keep kids healthy, active &...

The Icehouse | 07/08/15


What is appropriate disciplinary action?

What is appropriate disciplinary action? This is one of the most difficult aspects of a disciplinary process, and is the part that is most closely scrutinised by the Authority or the Court.  In order for any disciplinary action to be justifiable in terms of the Employment Relations Act 2000, the outcome needs to...

Paul Diver Associates | 06/08/15


“It takes 12 Years to Build a Med Company”

Alfred E Mann, founder of the Alfred E Mann Institutes, suggests it takes at least 10 to 12 years to commercialise a medical product, and Adherium is no exception. Today marks a milestone in the 14th year of Adherium’s life, formerly known as Nexus6 which announced its intention to list on...

The Icehouse | 05/08/15


Going Digital – Taming the Paper Monster

By Martin Danner, Managing Director of Arrowrock Limited. Is your business plagued by the paper monster? Here are some tell-tale symptoms:   • You have multiple cabinets full of files dating back to the stone age. • Your “to file” box is filled to the brim. Filing all those paper documents takes too much time. So...

Martin Danner | 04/08/15

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