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10 Tips For Kiwis Raising Venture Capital In Silicon Valley

by Alina Siegfried Silicon Valley can be a daunting place for Kiwi entrepreneurs. The culture is different, it’s hard to know who’s who, and while organisations like Kiwi Landing Pad are there to help you hit the ground running, it can be difficult to know how to go about getting venture capital...

The Icehouse | 22/05/15

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Mentors Are The Secret Weapons Of Successful Startups

Written by Rhett Morris (@rhettmorris) Editor’s note: Rhett Morris is the director of Endeavor Insight, the research arm of Endeavor, a nonprofit that supports high-impact entrepreneurs across the world. “I’ve probably revised this investor pitch deck 200 times,” a founder told me recently. She’d met with more than 50 potential investors before closing a seed round last...

The Icehouse | 21/05/15

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Directors – is this your Kodak moment?

Written by Roger Sharp, Technology Investor, Advisor & Director THE DIGITAL TSUNAMI 3.0 Let’s replay the key themes from my first two Digital Tsunami blogs (you can find Blog Post 1 here and Blog Post 2 here), to set the scene for what comes next: The first wave of disruption from 2000-2010 affected industries such as...

The Icehouse | 15/05/15


Media Release: The Icehouse welcomes new talent to its board

Media Release 6 May 2015   Craig Donaldson, Global CEO of Kea, has been appointed to the board of business growth hub The Icehouse. Mr Donaldson has been one of New Zealand’s most prominent figures in the global financial sector prior to returning home with his family in 2014. Chris Quin, Chair of The...

The Icehouse | 06/05/15

L_ Kirsty Bullen & R_ Sarah Miskell_Thinking Forward Presenters

Thinking Forward: Featured Episodes

Campbell Tyson, Chartered Accountants, have been at the forefront of helping provincial businesses to grow since 1922. Over the last few months they have met with 12 inspirational businesses and distilled their insights into real world learning that will encourage and inform budding entrepreneurs all over New Zealand. The result...

The Icehouse | 05/05/15

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