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Have you Heard of…? March 2015

As part of the monthly email update Startup Flash we are introducing some of NZ’s up-and-coming startups. We will be profiling one startup a month that we believe should be on your list to watch Want your startup to be included next time? Email Simone at This month:  iclue - Qualifying Peoples Potential Most startups find...

The Icehouse | 26/03/15


Mentorship as You Know It Is Dead

by Sasha VanHoven from  Hollywood has been using mentorship as a predictable, romanticized trope for years; Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi, Daniel-san had Mr. Miyagi, and Harry Potter had Dumbledore. And who doesn’t love to think there might be some unrecognizable potential, something very special in ourselves that only a...

The Icehouse | 24/03/15


Succession: What happens when the time comes and you want out?

Picking the right time to exit your business is a tough decision that we know many owner-managers agonise over. When is it a good time to exit? What are the options for exit strategies? How can I get the most money for the business? What are the practical steps I need to take to...

The Icehouse | 19/03/15

Andy Hamilton

4 Cities, 5 Legs and 1 Month: Andy Hamilton

By Andy Hamilton, The Icehouse CEO Recently I spoke to a few of our Auckland Alumni about 28 things I learnt on my boomerang trip around the globe. Check them out here. Americans are crazy on planes, with their 2 bags and all that palaver #chillbaby especially when you compare to the politeness...

The Icehouse | 16/03/15


Beyond the Schoolyard: Workplace Bullying

Not only do workplace bullies hurt people, they can also hurt business – driving away good employees in their quest for control. What can you do if you find yourself having to face a bully every day? Not All That Different … Schoolyard bullies vs. workplace bullies Both share a need for control...

The Icehouse | 12/03/15

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