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| How Business Coaching Brings Real Value To Your Business

Every industry, every sector and at every stage in the business growth cycle – whatever you want your business to be, business coaching can help take care of some of the major issues and challenges you’re facing.

Engaging with a business coach can help you refine your strategy, keep you on track and achieve your business goals now and for the short and long-term.

Whether it’s planning an exit strategy, understanding how to sell more effectively, developing ideas around brand and marketing, or pivoting your business during times of crisis, The Icehouse’s business coaches bring value to your business in countless ways.


| Coaching Common Goals 

Advisory services also include facilitated programmes that can also be tailored to your business, in-house training for multiple employees, advisory boards, mentoring and other customised workshops.

Many business coaches have been owners and founders themselves, starting up successful businesses from scratch, and have held senior management and board positions for many of New Zealand’s most prestigious companies.

‘We’re all part of a team, and that’s why I love working with the Icehouse as well. We’re all whanau, and the only driver is ‘what is best for the client?’, explains Icehouse coach Kim Hill.

‘And we all share that philosophy. I’ve been working with a number of Icehouse businesses recently, and I talk about our shared passion. We're about empowerment and capacity building I know that my ethos aligns with The Icehouse and that's why I love working with them,’ she says.


| Develop Confidence And Strategy

Maybe you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, trying to figure out how to solve a problem, or looking for a sounding board to bounce around strategy – we all need reassurance that we’re doing the right thing. 21% of kiwi business owners rate themselves as the biggest obstacle to success, while 26% lack the confidence to grow their business successfully.

Good coaches understand what it takes to make a business grow – and how difficult it can be. ‘When it's your own company, it's your house that's on the line, your family’s wellbeing and so on. So I like to think I bring both sides to any challenge – knowing how to grow a business, how to do it well and fast,’ says Icehouse coach, Kevin D’Ambros-Smith.

Business owners have struggled in the past to get coaching assistance that comes with real value. The advice is too generic and doesn’t focus on the key areas where they need support, there’s a lack of expertise in a specific sector, or maybe the personalities just don’t ‘click’.


| Accessibility Is No Longer A Barrier

This is where current trends in digital communication help. With the increased adoption of technologies like Zoom, the geographical obstacles and costs of the past can be overcome easily. Kiwi business owners can work with their chosen coach virtually, regardless if they’re in Invercargill or Kerikeri, enabling coaches and mentors to work with businesses anywhere in New Zealand.

This also means business owners can connect with the best coaching fit, especially when it comes to experience in unique industries. Owners can drill down to very niche challenges or situations that require highly specialised assistance – often from business coaches who have been in exactly the same business situations from their time as owner managers.

Download Cheat Sheets From Our Expert Business Coaches


Tips and tricks on market validation, understanding your market, brand essence and leadership written by three expert Icehouse coaches.
Answer questions like - How are you creating and leveraging unique insights?, Is your brand working for you? and How are you building a team with a clear vision and purpose?

| ‘Been there, done that’ empathy

Business owners like Blair James from James Group, who works with coach Ken Leeming, have found a completely new approach and increased success in their business due to the advice and objectivity an Icehouse business coach provided.

‘Ken has been superb thus far, and he constantly challenges me. He brings a new outlook to every aspect of the business and can articulate it in a way I can understand and apply. Ken has taught me, “you are where your feet are”, helping me to control the controllables and he has prevented me on numerous occasions from grazing my knees, having already been through so many challenges I am facing.’ - Blair James.

View the full case study here

The overwhelming response we’ve had from kiwi business owners is that they really value advice from an objective, experienced expert who understands what they’re going through. They’re keen to have access to people who have ‘been there, done that’ and can help them avoid the pitfalls.

‘Our Business Coaches are passionate about helping business owners to succeed. They bring all their experience to bear on your business and help you make the right decisions,’ says Darilyn Kane, Coaching and Advisory Lead at The Icehouse.

‘Our team will match you with an Icehouse coach who will get to know you and your business. They’ll guide you through the tough times – we have helped over a hundred business owners deal with the current disruption. Whether virtual or in person, they’ll bring knowledge, experience and an objective view. They’re focused on getting you moving in the right direction.’


| ‘Roger Federer Has a Coach. Is That a Sign of Weakness?

Roger Federer has a coach. Is that a sign of weakness? Certainly not, explains Business Coach Richard Poole.

We go to the dentist, doctor and potentially the optometrist & hearing specialist. We take our car to a mechanic. We seek a builder if we’re renovating. We ask an Insurance broker to consider our needs and find the relevant products. We refer to a lawyer for a raft of things. We have teachers to educate our children and grandchildren. We expect the sports teams that we admire to have someone responsible for getting the best from the players. We might even have a personal trainer at the gym.

Oh and we spend money on those things. Sometimes a lot of money.

Our businesses are no different. Some people might even argue that their business is more important than a few of the other things on the list above. In many cases, our business is our most valuable income producing asset or we hope that it has the potential to be, particularly if we’re spending so much time in and on it. Maybe we even wish to leave a legacy for future generations.

Creating, building and even selling a business takes smarts, hard work, hard knocks, energy, vision, relationships, money, sacrifice, resilience, patience, countless other qualities, requirement and experiences – and usually just a little bit of luck somewhere along the journey. The reality is that we simply can’t and shouldn’t do some things in life all alone, no matter how good (and successful) we are.

In my experience, asking for help with your business is not a sign of weakness. To the contrary, I genuinely believe that it’s a sign of honesty, reality and strength. It can help us improve and also excel. It’s also an opportunity to continue to re-energise passion for your business.

When it comes to your business asset and considering whether to work alongside a business coach on your journey to ensure your best shot at success, then there are a few things I’m keen to add here to finish up.


#1 Decide that you’re open to being coached.

I mean it. If you doubt it and think that it might somehow demonstrate a sign of weakness and you’ll worry what others think, then you are simply not open to being coached. So please don’t waste anyone’s time pretending that you are.

Now back to Roger Federer for a second.

Would he trust a tennis coach who didn’t have a successful track record on the tennis court? Not a chance. Roger Federer’s coach is a former world #3, who won 10 ATP titles.


#2 Work alongside someone who has a successful track record as a business owner.

If that person has ridden the roller coaster, experiencing the highs and lows that come with the territory, then that person will have genuine empathy for you and also your team; Then once you get underway, you’ll know whether –

  • you trust the person
  • you have the right fit
  • the person is genuinely listening to you and
  • you feel motivated and accountable

It’s not all one way traffic though. You have to work at this


#3 Commit.

Make it part of your business journey and recognise that someone has got your back when and if you need it. So…

  • Decide that you’re coachable
  • Find a coach who has ridden the real business roller coaster
  • Commit and feel accountable


Good luck! (And no, Roger didn’t appear to consider me as coach material. You win some, you lose some.)

Business Health Calculator


Centigrade is an easy-to-use, practical tool that helps you benchmark your business against other successful Kiwi Businesses.
Valued at $49, we are offering Centigrade to help Kiwi businesses to quickly assess where they sit against the 5 key areas of Team, Systems, Purpose, Finance, Sales & Marketing.
On completion you will receive your benchmarking report and follow up call to review and determine if an Icehouse business coach can help you in any way.

What could business coaching look like for you?

6-Month Coaching Engagement:

A “booster shot” perfect for established New Zealand businesses wanting growth and impact. Together with a coach you will review your business, create a plan for key activities, receive monitoring and motivation to achieve 2-3 immediate goals. Initial ‘meet and greet’ to ensure a good fit with your recommended business mentor and establish some key goals will be followed by up to three hours of coaching per month.

12-Month Coaching Engagement:

A longer-term strategy focus programme built for established businesses preparing for the next step toward success. Together with a coach you will review your business plan, create or solidify a strategic direction, identify immediate and future goals, monitor progress, recalibrate and/or set up an advisory structure. Initial ‘meet and greet’ to ensure a good fit with your recommended coach and establish some key goals will be followed by up to three hours of coaching per month for the first 6 months and two hours per month for the second six months.   

Tailored Coaching Engagement:

Built to suit you and your business needs. One-on-one coaching to keep you on track to achieve your strategic goals. We’ll team you up with a business mentor to suit your needs, and together you will agree on a programme to suit you. We can work beside you for a specific project, to overcome a specific hurdle, or reach a new market. Tap into ongoing advice and networks to help you take your business to the next level. You will get the skills, clarity and support to grow your business and think big.