Building and Aligning the Top Team

Develop a Top Team who are ailgned, focused and working together to lead your business in to the future.

The Journey

This process is designed to define what good leadership looks like and develop it in your business. Your Top Team will gain a renewed perspective and clarity of their roles as enablers and drivers of success. They will work together to strengthen their ability to leverage opportunities and address challenges as a cohesive team.

An intensive workshop session will be followed by personal development planning through individual coaching sessions. An assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work (TMP) will give insight into how strengths can be leveraged and leaders can support each other. A final facilitated session with each leader, their coach and you will confirm development opportunities and commit to action. This process will give you an overview of the capability your Top Team needs to create the future and a plan for building it.

What do I get?


Orange Line

  • Improved leadership and business culture
  • Leaders aligned with business direction
  • Feedback on Top Team
  • Clear view of development opportunities for leaders

Top Team

Orange Line

  • Tighter team culture
  • Clarity of impact team can make together
  • More effective team engagement
  • Commitment to working together to lead the business


Orange Line

  • Clarity of contribution to business
  • Improved relationship with peers and Owner
  • Personal development plan
  • Commitment to development activity

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