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Head of Demand Generation at Spoke

Digital & social marketing gurus welcome!


Here is what Spoke is about:

We believe that talking is the best way to solve problems fast.

More problems can be solved in a 2 minute phone call than in back-and-forth email, chats, or TXTs – yet no one answers the phone anymore.

Spoke is bringing voice back so you can solve problems fast.

With Spoke, your work becomes easier, relationships and culture improves, and the company grows.

To learn more about Spoke, visit

Here is what Spoke does:

Spoke turns employee phones into a reliable business phone system in 3 minutes or less, and saves companies up to 90% on telephony costs.

No desk phones. No hardware. No wires.

Here is what you will own:

  • Growing customer demand. ‘Nough said
  • Manage all paid and unpaid marketing
  • Grow customer conversion rates at all stages of the journey
  • Come up with marketing initiatives to test (ideas, content, user flows, etc.)
  • Implement, manage and test new growth tactics and ideas
  • Design, implement, measure, improve advertising on Google and Facebook
  • Executing the marketing strategy on a daily basis
  • Refining the marketing strategy over time

Your skills, experience, and way of life:

  • You are a rockstar growth marketer
  • You know Google and Facebook advertising inside out
  • You understand the customer journey cold, and how to leverage content and conversion techniques at each stage
  • You strive to drive higher converting traffic, especially Organic
  • You love data! You are ruthless about experimenting and proving outcomes through analytics and data
  • You have experience with online marketing tools and technologies
  • Ideally you’ve used Hubspot or similar tools (Marketo, Infusionsoft, etc.)
  • Your content rocks – you can write compelling and authoritative content
  • You don’t need your hand held – just give me the tools, point me in the right direction, and support me on the journey
  • You want to change the world

Here’s where you will live:

  • This is a remote / telecommute job
  • If you are Auckland, you can work in our uber cool co-working space
  • If you are in the Bay Area, we can hang at Peet’s every now and then
  • If you are elsewhere, stay in your PJ’s
  • Live free my friends!



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